Springing, or rather Sliding, into Shape

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So for all you Spring Booty Breakers lucky enough to miss the dull and dreary D.C. weather this week: we envy you!

Just when you thought your work was done, and it was safe to show off that jet-setting stomach, Boot-y is Back… however so literally.

As we all return from our various vacations to the stay-cation that is home reality, let’s reminisce. 

Here is the March Madness that was….



Kim: Praying to the Gods that Spring may be here to stay? (nice form)



Is that the same Sharon B who won the Duck Creek wet t-shirt contest… Got…Pina Colada?



Oh little bunny foo foo, hopping through the…court…hmm, well at least Easter is almost here!

Although we all probably heard this one too many times in the past weeks:

Bottoms Up!



Darcy Jones


The SWAT Team

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Courtesy of Sharon Bradley, resident photojournalist


That’s exy omen ching  ogether….

As this impressive line up demonstrates: we have passed the half way mark! We have found that extreme diets are a thing of the past and their effects are sadly ephemeral…

The Seven Deadly Sins we’ve learned to date: 

1. 5 lb weights are ahem… heavier than we thought…

2. Swearing by South Beach, and often swearing at South Beach (the diet that is), has become a daily schizophrenic love affair

3. Karim is a ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’…enough said.

4. How to isolate and work out ‘side abs’…

5. … and that anatomy is clearly not Darcy’s strong suit

6. Jumping Jacks are simply forboden.

7. That this weekly event should probably never be documented in film, but we do it anyway….


The Georgetown “Jog”                                                                                        Got air?


Look out Will Smith; Wo-Men in Black

Score: Blond Booties 1, Brunette Booties 0….

But wait!


That can’t feel good…but it sure does look good 🙂

The Judges Table: 


Take me to your leader!

The Verdict?

Score: Tied.


Bottoms Up!


Darcy Jones


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On the eve of our inaugural meeting, now is the time to get EXCITED! The snow and sleet have cleared, and this couldn’t be a better time to get up, get out, and get moving!


If you look or feel about as prepared as these women right now, DON”T worry! You are not alone. So here’s a friendly reminder of some of the things we should be thinking about:

The ‘To Do” List:

1. Start getting your winter weather gear together. Tomorrow morning will not be warm, and will surely be wet.

2. Grab your Mat and 5-8 lb weights.

3. Print and fill out those health forms. (BOOT-Y Camp Health Form)

4. Get your check made out to Karim for $250

5. Start the 10 weeks off right TONIGHT with a light and healthy meal.

6. Moisterize: Facing the winter wind and wind chill is hard on the skin: think lip balm and super hydraiting face cream.

7. Get a good nights sleep…if at all possible. It seems to always be easier said than done.

And remember START HYDRAITING NOW! H2O, H2O, H2O…..


Bottoms Up!

Darcy Jones